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Principal's Update and Latest News

Dear All
As we return in 2017 I trust everyone has had a good Christmas and looking forward to a prosperous and successful 2017. As a school we are returning to focus on the standards that reinforce our school ethos of ”Everyone Matters,Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds”.
We ended 2016 with accolades for the school's commitment to both sport and literacy at the Educate Awards, the school leading the development of best practice around students mental health and well being,  as well as hopefully achieving Arts Mark Gold Award and working creatively with our artist in residence Mark Storror. We hosted a holocaust survivor who shared their experience and opinions with year 11 and this was topped off wIth a brilliant Christmas Fair that raised £1700 for local charity and meant many children received Christmas gifts in local hospitals. Along with raising in excess of £2500 for Cancer charities and the Sixth Forms  on going project in Ghana. These are all fantastic achievements for the school that illustrate how we are moving towards excellence as both students and teachers. As a school we increasingly live our ethos of Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds.
However we  will be further increasing levels of respect that students display to each other, the school staff , their work and the school environment. As a significant minority of students lack the self respect to ensure they achieve the best outcomes possible with their ability through applying the required levels of hard work and focus on a consistent basis. The level of competition young people face in exams and for opportunities in the world  continues to rise and we need to give our students the attitude and expectation to work hard if they are to achieve their best.
 As a school we have high standards but these need to improve further  and  we will be relying on parental support with issues such as the school environment, meeting deadlines and being respectful to all school staff. As a school we have to spend thousands of pounds every year to maintain the standard of the fantastic environment and facilities we use everyday. Unfortunately additional cost  is regularly incurred due to careless and mindless damage by our young people failing to use toilets appropriately, failing to put litter in bins and dropping food rather than do the right thing. As Principal I see the vast majority of students show high levels of respect and responsibility but too many let themselves and the school down and this is preventing the school in achieving excellence in all areas. There is no place for young people who do not want to work with respect and responsibility to ensure Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds at Rainford High.
So as we move into 2017 we will continue to work to give an  excellent education to our students, we will work to achieve the best outcomes for all our students by ensuring they understand the quality of attitude and effort they need to apply to achieve their full potential. As always I look forward to working together to move closer to delivering excellence for all.
Ian Young 

Follow the link below to find out all our latest news since christmas in our Sports News page. Been some fantastic efforts and achievements over the last few weeks with our sports teams progressing through town, regional and national competitions.

Be aware to keep checking our fixtures page and fixture board for week by week additions. 

Thanks PE
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Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)
Important Notice - 780 Bus Service
Concerns have been raised that some students who are travelling on the 780 bus are choosing to stand during the journey.  Adequate seating with seatbelts is available for all students so there is no need for anyone to stand.
As a matter of safety, please can you reinforce to your son/daughter that they take a seat and use the seatbelts provided.  Anyone who chooses to stand whilst travelling on the bus does so at their own risk.
Thank you for your support in this matter.
Yours faithfully

Mr Ian Young

Iceland STEM Group

This February half-term our Senior Science Technician had an exciting opportunity to work with science educators from all over the UK on an expedition in Iceland.
The purpose of the visit was to enhance subject interest and knowledge of contemporary science in real life contexts, increase knowledge of locations to facilitate learning outside the classroom, to develop awareness of careers in STEM subjects and consider how to improve students’ knowledge of STEM progression routes.

Please click here to download
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1000 ‘s Easter Egg Challenge

•We have set ourselves the challenge of collecting 1000 Easter Eggs

•For this challenge to be successful we are making it a whole school charity project.
•In the next couple of weeks will be going into Lower school/Sixth forms assemblies, setting students the challenge to bring in an Easter Egg to support local charities.
•We have organised Pshee PowerPoints to inform students of the local charities and the work they do in our local community.
•We will also be running Easter egg hunts to bring further awareness to our Challenge.

For more information please click here

Academy Update

Dear All

The school continues to move towards academy status, with the Governors having decided to continue the process following the open consultation. The data of conversion to academy is still uncertain due to the complexities of the legal work surrounding the PFI contract but hopefully this will be resolved in the near future. When there is any further relevant information all parties will be informed.
Ian Young

KS3 Rainford High English Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer,
Welcome to our first newsletter of this academic term! As always it has been a particularly busy time of year with lots to celebrate and be proud of. Our Year 7s have settled into life at Rainford brilliantly and we hope they have enjoyed their first term with us.

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Sports News

Follow the link below to read about our latest news along with new additions to our extra curricular programme at lunch times and after school. The clubs are very well attended but we still want more students to come and give something a try if they are interested. 

Thanks PE

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Religious Studies Department A level and GCSE Revision Sessions

•A/S and A2 Revision sessions  - Tuesday Lunchtimes in E104 with Mrs. Dack

•General GCSE Revision for Year 11 students – Wednesday lunchtimes in E102 with Miss Kent
•Exam Techniques and Exam practise – Thursday lunchtimes in E104 with Mr. Bebb.

Lunchtime Menu

Please see our new lunchtime menu

Follow this link

New Spec GCSE Spanish working party- AQA

Rationale:  There are no grade boundaries available for the new GCSE so we have no idea of where the students are at compared to other schools locally or nationally.

Please follow the link below for all details 
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Important Academy News!

Dear Parent/Carer

The Governors of Rainford High Technology College recently voted to undertake a consultation as to whether the school should become an Academy and we would like to inform you of the details of this. The governors are keen to seek out the views of all stakeholders and the outcomes of this process will help us to decide whether we wish to move forward and seek approval from the Department for Education.

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GCSE Results: Students celebrate achieving great results at Rainford High.

Students and staff are delighted with the results achieved for GCSEs this year. 

The fantastic results show that Rainford High continues to move from strength to strength on its mission to deliver excellence for all the community we serve. For the fifth year running more than 7 students in every 10 have left with five good GCSEs and 78% of students have achieved good grades in Maths and English at grade C or above. 

The results reflect the hard work and dedication of the students to achieving their ambition and putting themselves on a successful journey for the rest of their lives. The support the staff have given the students has been first class and that has allowed the students to achieve life enhancing results. 

Principal Ian Young said “From a school perspective every group of young people is different and so are their achievements, we are incredibly proud of the young people who have done so well this year in gaining strong outcomes for their future opportunities but also supporting the school in moving towards delivering excellence for all its students.”

Time to celebrate!

The A Level headlines are:
- Our best results ever!
- 52% A*-B
- 28% of students going to Russell Group universities

Don't forget enrolment is on the 25th August!!!

Please follow the link below and see our new 6th Form website! 
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Students celebrate moving on by achieving excellence at Rainford High.


The results at Rainford High this year show an 18% improvement with 52% of students achieving A* - B grades in their A level results. Students were delighted by the outstanding A level results they achieved this year. 

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English Newsletter

KS3 Rainford High English Newsletter

Please click on the link to download our letter! 

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On Friday 24th June, a total of 270 pupils and staff from Rainford High took on the challenge to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Reading Lesson.
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Rainford High and the AJ Bell Trust

Rainford High and the AJ Bell Trust make awards to promising sports men and women

The first round of sports scholarships have been award at Rainford High to some of their promising sports men and women. Following a challenging application process 9 students have been successful in securing funding from the AJ Bell Trust and Rainford High to support their sporting aspirations.

Ian Young Principal of Rainford High said “We are fortunate to have an incredible amount of talent within the school and some of our students are performing at a level that the curriculum does not support their progress in their chosen sport so we are delighted to be working with the AJ Bell Trust to give them opportunities that both inspire and support their dreams.”

The awards are bespoke to the individual student in some cases being exciting opportunities to be inspired by elite performers and in other cases support in attending National and World events. The hope is that one day an Olympic Gold Medallist or another elite performer will have benefited from the opportunity the AJ Bell Trust Awards and Rainford High have given them. 

Governors’ Announcement

 Dear All
The Governing Body of Rainford High have agreed to move forward in exploring the possibility of converting to an Academy Trust. There will be a full consultation beginning in the next few weeks to share and gather your views before any final decision to become an academy can be made.
As a school that believes in partnership with our community we feel it is best to keep you informed of all major decisions. There will be more information in the coming weeks to keep you fully informed and involved.
Ian Young
Rainford High

Unicef ROC Achieved

Rainford High has successfully achieved the Unicef UK Recognition of Commitment (ROC) for your rights-respecting work.

Top 100 Schools!

Rainford High moves into the Top 100.
Rainford High has entered the Top 100 of non-selective state funded schools in England due to its excellent GCSE results in 2015. 

This goes alongside being the only non selective school in the top ten schools in Merseyside. 
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World Book Day

World Book Day will be celebrated at Rainford High on Thursday 3rd March. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to have never held a book? Sadly, that is a reality for many children in Africa. When you don’t have access to books, it’s difficult to improve your reading skills. And when you can’t read, your future is nowhere near as bright as it could be. But this World Book Day, we can help to change that by fundraising in our school. 
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Maths Mastery

Rainford High has joined The Mathematics Mastery partnership which aims for exceptional achievement for all students through exemplary teaching.
Mathematics Mastery strongly believe in an entitlement to a great mathematics education for all students, whatever their background or prior attainment. Central to this is the belief that everyone can improve and effort is more important than “ability”
Lessons focus on problem solving and depth of understanding. We want children to think like mathematicians not just DO maths.
We believe that pupils should:
•      explore, wonder and  question
•      compare, classify and sort
•      experiment, play with possibilities, modify things and see what would happen
•      make theories, predictions and draw conclusions
All Y7 students will follow the Mastery programme.
Mathematics Mastery is a long-term programme based on evidence and research.  Although it’s in its early days of implementation, research by the University of Central London and the University of Cambridge has shown impact even after only one year of use which you may have seen through  the press attention earlier this year.