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Principal's Update and Latest News

Dear All

It is great to return after a successful first half term and a restful half term break.  Rainford High continues to move forward with successful events and learning both inside and outside the school curriculum. Last half term the school ran International Literacy Day, National Poetry Week as well as a European Day of Languages. There have been two Red Days one for Year 11 investigating the Holocaust and working with a survivor.  The other looking at Diversity and Equality through the Creative Arts by working with MD productions. We also have had the usual feast of Duke of Edinburgh activity at the weekends.
We have continued to have sporting success in all year groups and the production of ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ is well underway. The school continues to be recognised for the improvements we have made with a high rating in the Liverpool Echo’s Good School Guide 2015, as well as being identified amongst the top ten schools in Merseyside for our GCSE results. By following the link below you can see that we are performing alongside Grammar and Selective Schools.
The school has also been nominated for the third year running at the Educate Awards for our Outstanding Commitment to Sport.  This is a massive well done to all the PE staff and students for their hard work both inside and outside of the school day. The school has won this award for the previous two years so we are hoping it could be a glorious hat trick.
This half term is always busy as we build up to mock exams with Year 11 and focus on continuing to give the students the best educational experience possible. This half term also has Sixth Form Open Evening as well as a number of events for parents such as Year 11 Revision Evenings this week and a Mathematics Mastery Evening for Year 7 Parents next week. 
At Rainford High we continue to focus on developing our ethos of Everyone Matters; Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds and during this term with Children in Need and the Christmas period there is an excellent opportunity to think about how we can make a difference to others. We will be promoting our Sixth Form Ghana project across the whole school as this is a long running commitment that the Sixth Form has made to make a difference to a community less fortunate than our own. I am sure as always it will be an exciting and fulfilling term for students and staff at Rainford High.
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Sports Update

Its a very busy time of the year on the sporting front with fixtures and training nights every night at present. Please follow the link below to catch up on all our extra curricular results across our wide ranging programme.Check out our latest fixtures and pictures on the website and twitter page @rainfordPE.

The link below will take you to our sports news page.

Children In Need

BBC Children in Need's vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential. With your help and generosity, we fund projects for disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. 

Please read further to find out how much we raised click the link!!!!

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Music Students meet the Philharmonic Orchestra

Students from GCSE and A Level Music classes got the very special opportunity to meet the BBC Philharmonic orchestra and hear them play!
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Maths Mastery

I am writing to tell you about the exciting new approach to teaching Maths that we have introduced this year. The school have committed to the “Mathematics Mastery Programme” for all Year 7 students  
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Sixth Form Open Evening

The Sixth Form Open Evening will take place on Thursday 12th November at 6pm. 

Principals talks will take place at 6:45pm and 7:15pm in the Immersive space

Assessment And Reporting Update

Data reports and assessment without national curriculum levels

As you may know, the Government removed the requirement to report National Curriculum levels at KS3 in schools from September 2015.   As a result of this we will be implementing a new system of reporting on your child’s progress this year. 

The physical appearance of the report you receive will not change significantly as we have found this to work very well with students, staff and parents. 

The report will now only be produced at the end of each term and will be sent out with your child, it will also be published on connect for you to view at your convenience.

The principal differences from last year are:-

·         KS3 targets will be projected GCSE grades or levels which are different from the National Curriculum levels they had last year. 
·         KS3 students will be clearly signalled if they are below target, on target or above target.
·         National changes at GCSE mean some subjects (Maths and English in Year 10) will report attainment as a level and not grade.  Year 11 GCSE subjects will still be reporting a grade.

The KS3 report will clearly indicate if your son/daughter is on target to achieve their full potential at GCSE and we will provide further information, support and guidance on how to improve.

New Virtual Learning Environment

The LEA has invested in a new version of Connect that will allow parents to access information about your children; we are currently configuring this system and piloting it with a limited number of parents. 

At your next Parents Evening you will be provided with a login and password that will allow you to access this site which will allow you to monitor attendance, attainment, progress and behaviour.

Tony Simpson

Sports Round Up

Its a very busy time of the year on the sporting front with fixtures and training nights every night at present. Please follow the link below to catch up on all our extra curricular results across our wide ranging programme.Check out our latest fixtures and pictures on the website and twitter page @rainfordPE.

The link below will take you to our sports news page.

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Sport Update October

It's been a busy term on the sporting front and there is alot more to come with fixtures across all sports. Keep checking the sports new page for updates and match reports on fixtures as well as any news which is happening both in and out of school. 

You can check what fixtures are up coming both down at the PE office and on the fixtures page of our website. 

Thanks PE

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Kim Slater meets pupils

On 25th September, the people involved in BASH (Book Awards St.Helens) arranged with schools to travel to St. Helens Central Library, to talk with the winner of the 2014 Award, Kim Slater, about her amazing book, Smart.

She discussed with us the characters in her novel and talked about the struggles of her main character ‘Kieran’. A man was killed at the edge of the river and he goes to investigate, becoming a new type of detective, and keeping himself to himself. From the comfort of his room, he discovers new things about this mysterious crime.

Throughout the course of the visit she read us some extracts from her book, and discussed the hardships of getting from the bottom of the author’s pile to the top. We talked about a number of pictures that she mentioned in her book from the artist Lowry who was a big inspiration for the budding young artist, Kieran.

Overall the visit was a great trip and at the end we got to purchase a copy of the book.
Find out more here

Written by Students : Tom Barber and Nathan Shaw

Working Together to Support Our Community

Today Rainford High has been working with Merseyside to reinforce the importance of socially acceptable behaviour both inside and outside of school. Although students behaviour at school is excellent. However on occasions outside of school on the way home, in the evenings and over the holidays young people can become involved in anti-social behaviour that often happens due to following friends or messing around and not considering the consequences for other members of the community. As well as Merseyside Police showing off some of their high tech equipment such as a knife arch, we were also fortunate to be visited by one of the drugs dogs and Police Dogs that visited a number of form sessions as well as assembly to explain what their work entails.

Principal Ian Young said “It is important that our young people understand their responsibility to the community they belong to and that if they get involved in things that could be deemed anti-social behaviour they run the risk of police involvement and in some circumstances a criminal record. I feel as a school it is important we work with our local police so that our students understand that it is not just within the school building that our school ethos of Everyone Matters holds true.”

Dr Nikhil Misra visits the 6th form

On Friday 18th September, we had the pleasure of welcoming Doctor Nikhil Misra to the 6th form. Doctor Misra spoke to all of the students in year 12 and 13 who are interested in a career in health care, including future; doctors, nurses, midwives and physiotherapists. The session was both fun and informative, providing students with a wealth of information about routes into healthcare, what to expect from the profession and a hands on tutorial of how to perform surgical stitches. The students thouroughly enjoyed this and judging by the standard of work we may have some budding surgeons in our midst.

The students relished the opportunity to meet Doctor Misra and hear about his work, both in the medical profession and in the trauma charity he runs. We hope to welcome him back soon to speak to our students again, in the meantime look out for an article about his visit in the St Helens Star.

Maths Mastery

Rainford High has joined The Mathematics Mastery partnership which aims for exceptional achievement for all students through exemplary teaching.
Mathematics Mastery strongly believe in an entitlement to a great mathematics education for all students, whatever their background or prior attainment. Central to this is the belief that everyone can improve and effort is more important than “ability”
Lessons focus on problem solving and depth of understanding. We want children to think like mathematicians not just DO maths.
We believe that pupils should:
•      explore, wonder and  question
•      compare, classify and sort
•      experiment, play with possibilities, modify things and see what would happen
•      make theories, predictions and draw conclusions
All Y7 students will follow the Mastery programme.
Mathematics Mastery is a long-term programme based on evidence and research.  Although it’s in its early days of implementation, research by the University of Central London and the University of Cambridge has shown impact even after only one year of use which you may have seen through  the press attention earlier this year.

International Literacy Day

On Tuesday 8th September, Rainford High celebrated International Literacy Day. The focus on literacy started in form-time where pupils enjoyed taking part in competitive literacy quizzes and countdown conundrums. Throughout the day, literacy was alive in all subjects.  Each department embraced the event, planning literacy-based activities, from hot-air balloon debates in R.E. and adverb warm-up games in Drama, which developed pupils’ speaking and listening skills, to the use of ‘word coins’ in Technology to encourage pupils to use correct technical language.
There was also a host of literacy activities outside of lessons. At break-time, there was a ceremony to celebrate the excellent work that our Year 10 Literacy Leaders completed last year and they were presented with their certificates and badges by Mr Young, who then officially opened our new, state-of-the-art library. Listen out for the official name of this new facility which will be announced once all pupils’ suggestions have been considered this week.
At lunch-time, the Literacy Leaders, supported by the school’s librarian, Mrs Relf and Associate Principal for Literacy, Mrs Wheelock, organised a range of literacy-based activities for all pupils to enjoy in the library. There was punctuation treasure hunt which enabled pupils to familiarise themselves with their new environment, while gaining a better understanding of key punctuation terms.  Pupils were also keen to try the new computers and enjoyed taking part in interactive grammar games online. However, the activity which generated most interest amongst pupils and staff was the inter-form spelling and grammar treasure hunt which took place in and around the library.  The amount of entries and the accuracy of answers were astounding, with the winners not only correctly identifying the mistakes but also explaining why they were wrong.  Congratulations are due to Lucy Boycott and Thomas Ralfs (Year 7), Hope Jordan (Year 8), Thomas Barber (Year 9), Jasmine Sealeaf (Year 10) and James Hooton (Year 11) who will be presented with their certificates and prizes in assembly this week.
Some pupils simply wanted to enjoy the new library and browse the thousands of new books which have been especially selected to help support them in their studies as well as to foster a love for reading.  In addition to the books available for loan in the library, hundreds of books were brought in for our book swap, showing that many pupils and teachers already have a love for reading.
The literacy buzz was not just limited to the library, with many departments organising extra-curricular literacy activities at lunchtime, such as a spelling bee and homophone bingo competitions in English to the favourite quotation wall and interpretation of monologues in Drama.
The day was a great success in raising awareness that good literacy skills are vital to succeed in all subjects! 

Music Extra Curricular Programme Updated

Check out the new updated extra curricular music groups running in the music department. If you play an instrument or love to sing or want to start a rock band, visit the music department now! 
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PE Updates

We have updated our KS3 rotations for indoor and outdoor lessons which you will find under curriculum and PE on the school website. We have also updated our extra curricular programme which you will find on all of our sports pages and available to attend by all. 

You can also follow the link below to find out more.

Thanks PE

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International Literacy Day is a key lever of change and a practical tool of empowerment on each of the three main pillars of sustainable development: economic development, social development and environmental protection.   
Former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan 
On Tuesday 8th September, Rainford High will be celebrating International Literacy Day. All Curriculum Areas have planned literacy-based activities for lessons and there will be a range of whole-school activities taking place at lunch-time, following the official launch of our new, state-of-the-art library.
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Rainford High has achieved its best ever set of results in the school’s history with a five percentage point increase in the number of students achieving 5A*-C including English and Maths, this beats the previous best performance of the school in 2012 when 78% of students attained the required standard. These results come on the back of the schools first 'Good' inspection judgement for over a decade.

Principal Ian Young said “As a school we are delighted for all the students who have achieved these results and it reflects the effort and team work of staff, parents and students. As a school we are firmly focused on our journey to excellence to ensure that we make sure that we fulfil our ethos of Everyone Matters. Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds...
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We are delighted with the results and that so many of our young people have achieved life changing grades. It is fantastic to see our students so pleased with the results of their hard work and looking forward to the next steps on their journey.

As a school, we are particularly proud of the high percentage of students who have got into Russell Group Universities, and the number of young people who are continuing to follow their dreams that we have worked hard to support and develop, whilst they have been members of Rainford High.

I would like to thank the staff for the support and guidance they have given the students, alongside all the support the young people have received from home. Result days are the culmination of doing things the right way and our school ethos of 'Everyone Matters. Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds' is easy to see on days such as today....
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We have joined Youtube. You will find a variety of videos from all subjects throughout the school year both in and out of school events. The channel is now active and videos will be uploaded. All we need is a little help from you people to follow us and share to others.

The page is going to be a fantastic chance for subjects to show more of the fantastic opportunities our students experience day to day. 

Our YouTube channel page is Rainford high school with the link shown below.

Y12 Oxbridge Trip

An academic adventure on the Rainford minibus began on Wednesday 1st July as fifteen of the college’s brightest students set off for the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge, a journey with the potential to change their lives...
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Rainford High is buzzing with excitement!

We were very excited to see the arrival of our bees yesterday! We now have our own hive that will be looked after by the BTEC Animal Care course. We have a Polystyrene hive that has been painted white to reflect the heat. Polystyrene hives are now the preferred material to use as they stay warmer in winter and are resistant from rotting and damp. The bees are a hybrid of the British Black Bee and an Italian breed that is known for being extremely gentle and highly productive. We are hoping to have some lovely honey ready this August. Watch this space!
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Meet Lisa Our School Nurse

During an interview with our school nurse Lisa, it was made clear there are many places that young people can go for free health advice in the area. Bridgewater clinics are open in Rainford, Sutton, St Helens, Rainhill and Billinge as a drop in service and provide a variety of advice and care. Lisa says her job provides personal satisfaction and is extremely rewarding...
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STUDENTS at Rainford High School have been treated to three days of tongue-twisting performance by a 'slam poetry' champion. Slam poet Miko Berry, from Edinburgh, held workshops with Year 10 students who are studying for their English Literature GCSEs. He spent three days at the school and held a series of sessions, spending time with other year groups where possible...
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It's official! Rainford High is a GOOD school across all areas!

I am pleased to inform you that the outcome of the OFSTED inspection on the 17th and 18th March 2015 was that Rainford High has been judged to be a GOOD school across all areas. The front page of the report that identifies why the school is good and what the school needs to do to become outstanding. The full report is available on the school website and will be published on the OFSTED website next week after the Easter weekend.

It is the first time since October 2004 that the school has been judged GOOD and this is an important point on the schools journey to excellence. Since my arrival in September 2012 the aim has always been to make Rainford High the best school possible and to become an outstanding school.
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Fantastic Results at Educate Awards! Double Award Winners!

Rainford High are extremely proud to announce the school achieved success in three categories at the Education Awards 2014! 

The PE Department won 'Outstanding commitment to Sport in a Secondary School Award' for the second year running, Mrs Burgess won the 'Teacher of the Year Award',  and the school was runner up in the 'Most Inspirational Secondary School Award' for its work producing the Rainford Summer Festival. 

This a fantastic result for the school, the awards are a very positive recognition of all the excellent hard work and commitment from staff at the school. Congratulations to all!
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